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Asa Akira is a gorgeous Asian porn star who really knows how to fuck. She loves to suck cock, deep throating huge dicks with ease, taking every single inch down her greedy little throat as she spreads those lips wide. She just loves the taste of cock and cum sliding down her throat in the morning. Every girl needs to get off though, so once she has them nice and hard she spreads her second set of lips and lets their huge cocks into her incredibly swollen cunt and ass. As she bounces on their dicks her large round ass bounces up and down, smacking his body with every thrust, her tits bouncing to the rhythm until they both collapse in a heap of sex and sweat.

Asian Pornstar Asa Akira

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A super stunning brunette with fuck me eyes could not get anymore erotic and enticing. She is so soft looking, but inside she is a very bad girl just waiting to burst out. She spread her legs wide open as she gently touches her pussy, she is feeling very horny and sexual. It is getting to be that time where she is going to start thinking about all the things she could do to herself. She is so hot. Her hot black stiletto heels are super high with a long heel. This horny beauty inserts her heels into her tight little ass. No one saw that coming.

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Asa Akira is wearing a very colorful outfit that makes her look like the true pornstars that she really is. She has on bright pink fishnet stockings with white heals and teal band at the top of them. She has on a matching pink bra and panties set that makes her entire outfit look like it was specifically designed for her because of the way it accents her figure and makes her dark curly hair look absolutely perfect. This Asian pornstars takes her time to pose in this attractive outfit and in the end she even spreads her legs far apart to show off her covered pussy to the camera.

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Asa Akira is a sexy Asian pornstars that knows she has a sexy body and she is not afraid to show it off to the camera. This sexy Asian starts out wearing a yellow thong and a pair of old school gym pokies online socks with heels on her feet. She playfully covers and uncovers her large round breasts with her arms as if teasing you with them before she slowly starts to removes her panties. Sticking with her teasing theme this Asian pornstars does not take her panties off and instead lays on the floor and shows off the rest of her stunning body while wearing her yellow thong and gym socks.